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    class=”gfeatures-list crispr-list”>li>Students, Researchers, and Faculty

B.Sc./M.Sc. Students, Ph.D. Research Scholars from any biosciences areas – Biology, Molecular Biology, Systems Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Genomics, Medicine, Healthcare, Bioinformatics, Zoology, Botany, Agriculture, Anthropology, Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

  • Professionals

Scientists and Professionals working in Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry, Agricultural & Veterinary Labs and Companies, and Diagnostics Labs & Companies.

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Students, Researchers, and Faculty
  • Boost your resume with Professional Certification
  • Learn relevant science & succeed in the real-world biotech industry
  • 100% Online & On-demand courses – Continue Learning Anytime, Anywhere
  • Boost your resume and improve your value with your employer
  • Learn cutting-edge science and remain up-to-date
  • Online & On-demand Certification – No Leaves Required
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CRISPR Foundations

Gene Knockout gRNA Design to Analysis

CRISPR Foundations + Gene Knockout: gRNA Design to Analysis

Certified Biotechnology Courses

Our courses are 100% online & on-demand, so you lead your learning
Intro to CRISPR
  • Master the building blocks of CRISPR genome engineering
  • Learn how CRISPR gene editing works to change DNA
  • Understand how scientists discover and engineer new Cas variants
  • Describe the applications of CRISPR gene editing in our world
Bioinformatics I
  • Learn how to design and analyze CRISPR experiments hands-on
  • Use bioinformatic tools to design Cas9 guide RNAs
  • Use DNA management software to annotate gene sequences
  • Design & Analyze a CRISPR gene knockout experiment
Coming Soon
  • How and why CRISPR is revolutionizing what we eat