Glostem collaborates with CRISPR Classroom, USA

Glostem collaborates with CRISPR Classroom, USA

Glostem and CRISPR Classroom team up to bring biotechnology training to students and professionals throughout South East Asia

Glostem Private Limited, a leading global provider of scientific event, marketing and consulting organization, based in Chandigarh, India, and CRISPR Classroom, an education technology start-up company based in Los Angeles, CA, partner to bring professional biotechnology training to students and professionals throughout India and South East Asia (SEA).  

Glostem, founded by Dr. Sanjay Bajaj, PhD, develops interactive platforms to help scientists of all levels, technology companies, innovators, and startups find, reach, and connect with colleagues in the industry. For over a decade, they have been serving the scientific community by organizing conferences, training courses, workshops, roundtables, webinars, technical consultancies, and lead marketing projects for numerous reputable organizations. 

“Collaboration, cooperation and consensus are the paramount 3Cs for bringing about an effective change. We have joined hands with another talented and inspiring team and look forward to changing the CRISPR training paradigms with this collaboration.” – Dr. Bajaj, CEO & Founder, Glostem.

CRISPR Classroom, founded by Dr. Kristina Tatiossian, PhD, provides online biotechnology professional development training courses for students, scientists, and professionals in life sciences, healthcare, agriculture, and biomedical industries. The company helps students pursuing careers in STEM and professionals in the industry increase their content knowledge and earn resume-boosting career certifications. 

“We are very excited at the opportunity to work with the specialists at Glostem. Our online courses have already become quite popular in India and SEA countries, where many learners leverage our programs to jumpstart or accelerate their biotech careers. Glostem will allow us to press further into the SEA market and provide excellent training programs to more enthusiastic learners!” – Dr. Kris, Founder, CRISPR Classroom. 

We sincerely thank Dr. KC Bansal, PhD, Secretary of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (India) for facilitating the agreement and continuing to support the educational initiatives of both Glostem and CRISPR Classroom. 

“CRISPR technology has emerged as a game changer. It has a vast potential in all sectors, be it agriculture, pharma or healthcare for making life better. Further, it has a role to play towards achieving environmental sustainability. This partnership between Glostem and CRISPR Classroom will take the CRISPR agenda forward by developing the much-needed human resources and capacity across the globe” – Prof. Bansal, Secretary, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, India. 

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