Our Divisions - Supporting Research-Promoting Innovation

A Unique Blend of Marketing, Technical & Business Services for Science & Technology Industry

A Unique Offering for Entire Scientific Arena

Research Organizations and R & D Scientists: We work with scientific fraternities in updating their scientific knowledge, providing insight into the latest technologies, helping get updates, and connect with renowned scientists for consultancy, research solutions, new technology research, competitive intelligence, commercial viability as well instrument selection & purchase.

Technology Companies: We work with the technology companies helping them to reach out to their target scientist audience, make connections with the best customers to run brand awareness campaigns, nurture relationships, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

Academic Scientists: We also offer our services to the academic scientists in their scientific pursuits for their academic and research advancement by providing our expert services for the betterment of their research presentations and also help them in technology commercialization.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Pharmaceutical & Clinical Research
  • Biotechnology & Biosciences
  • Agri-genomics & Crop Improvement
  • Food Technology & Value Addition
  • Forensics & Environment
  • Medicine, Pathology & Diagnostics
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