Lead Generation


Reach Scientists, Get New Leads and Improve Sales of Your Technology, Instruments, Products, and Services

Advertisements in print and public media are good for consumer products but scientific and technical products need special strategies. Therefore traditional marketing strategies should be supplemented with digital marketing services.

Meeting and reaching out to the scientists is not easy. Therefore lead marketing requires electronic means to be explored and used. Email marketing and Telemarketing are the two most successful processes to reach out to the right decision-maker.

Social media platforms have gained importance in order to reach out to targeted and specialized audiences. People use their social media accounts to connect and get information about latest technologies and products.

Our knowledge and contacts in the scientific industries are unsurpassed. We have developed our database of scientists and social media platforms to suit the needs to science and technology industry. Reaching out to potential clients and customers for promotion of pharma products, instruments, software, conference or webinar registrations, or services.

We help the technology companies, research, and commercial organizations reach out to their respective target scientist audience, make connections with potential customers, run brand awareness campaigns, nurture relationships, increase conversions, and eventually grow revenue.

Content Writing & Website Services

Websites promoting technologies & highly technical products require understanding to configure bring it on top of the search results. Let people find you before they find your competitor. Use Our Website Development, Content Writing, Infographics, Social Media Input Services to gain market advantage.

Promotional Mailers & SM Inputs

To boost your sales, generate calls, improve communication with the scientific audience, send customized and well designed emails and post stylish inputs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. Launch new products, blogs, events, new videos, increase website traffic, build brand awareness, and get brand conversions.

B2B & B2C Calling Campaigns

We understand requirement, determine the target audience, refine data, design brand’s message to craft a pitch through our team comprising of young, energetic, and highly efficient people with biology, science, technology, and management backgrounds and experience. Isn’t it just perfect to match your sales requirements.

Contact Database Services

We are working with the scientific communities for about a decade now and therefore we can very well take care of your data requirements and lead generation. Our technical team will choose the right fraternity/segment mix and help you market your product for the generation of qualified leads. as per your requirements.

Other Services

Lead Generation

Research, Instruments, Products, and Services Promotion to Scientific Communities

Industry Solutions

Technical, Research & Regulatory Solutions for Pharma, Clinical & Other Industry R & D Scientists

Regulatory Affairs

Dossier Preparation, CTD/eCTD Submission, Lifecycle Management, Regulatory Strategies

Technology Scouting

Commercialization, Instrument Consultancy, Startup Support, Incubation & Funding