Unraveling Mysteries: The Crucial Role of Forensic DNA Analysis

Article by Tavleen Thakur Introduction: In the realm of criminal investigations, the advent of forensic DNA analysis has revolutionized the pursuit of justice. From solving cold cases to exonerating the innocent, DNA analysis stands as a beacon of scientific precision and reliability. This article delves into the intricacies of forensic DNA analysis, exploring its methods,… continue reading »

Steering a Technology Startup to Standup?

Article by Dr Sanjay Bajaj
Success and failure are usually treated as complementary to each other. A lot has been said failure too and one of the sayings which sounds very practical and positive is by Thomas Edison, America’s greatest inventor and holder of over 1000 patents. He said, “I haven’t failed — I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.
We do understand that in research, we have to do lot of experimentation, and lot of those experiments do not work.

WORLD is Waiting!

Seamless COVID-19 Vaccine Development & Clinical Trials – Regulatory Recommendations & Relaxations – A Regulatory Update by Dr Sanjay Bajaj
Regulatory agencies United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and World Health Organization (WHO) have taken steps to facilitate the timely development of safe and effective vaccine and have issued guidance for the industry with respect to the development of COVID-19 vaccine, and conduct of its clinical trials.

EU Pharmacovigilance Expectations

EU Regulatory Q&A Updates on Pharmacovigilance Activities for MAH’s during COVID-19 Pandemic – A regulatory Update by Dr Sanjay Bajaj
COVID-19 pandemic has been specifically tough for the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. Providing safe and sufficient quality medicine for the sick as well as for the prevention of diseases has been a great challenge in the times of lockdown while struggling with a lack of workforce and pandemic situations.

Food & Hospitality Industry during Pandemic

Food & Personnel Safety during COVID Pandemic – Article by Mudit Bajaj & Swati Kanwar
COVID-19 has brought in tough times for all kinds of businesses, ventures, and production houses. Only food, medicine, and some other essential supplies were allowed during lockdown periods. With limited manpower and resources, the supply of a sufficient amount of safe food to all the people in the country has been a challenge during these pandemic times.

Tests and Kits for CoV-2 Diagnosis

Covid-19 Testing (Part 2) by Dr Babita Goyal & Pooja Sharma
The testing kits available for SARS-CoV-2 can be categorized into 2 main classes viz. PCR based Molecular Assays, and Serological & Immunoassays. The principles of these tests were covered in Part 1 of this article. This part of the article will cover the test kits currently available and being tested/used worldwide.

Diagnostic Tests for Covid-19

Covid-19 Testing (Part 1) by Dr Babita Goyal & Shalini Bajaj
Covid-19 is an infectious disease resulting from infection by SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) virus. The virus mainly spreads from person to person by exposure to the droplets emitted by the infected person. Testing of Covid-19 infection or any other viral infection is based on two basic principles viz. detection of viral load by identifying viral RNA/DNA and detection of antibodies developed in the patient in response to the infection.

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