Technology Scouting & Instrument Consultancy

InDeals - Technology Scouting

Assisting Research Technology Commercialization, Laboratory Setup & Accreditation, Supporting Startups and Steering Instrument Purchase

Technology Scouting & Instrument Consultancy

A lot of good innovative ideas and useful technologies do not see the light of commercialization only because of a lack of guidance. Likewise, many ambitious products fail at the startup stage or during scaleup only because they were not developed and commercialized in the right manner.

We promote innovation and support new and innovative technologies and ambitious startups helping them right from the conceptualization stage to establish and commercialize successfully.

Innovators, Technology startup aspirants, and First-time Entrepreneurs can use us as a knowledge database and utilize our science/technology knowledge and business capabilities to identify markets and metrics, determine flow and progress, and move new technology from start to pipeline and pipeline to reality.

Technology startups can get the advantage of our experience and contacts to generate awareness about their new brand and products as well as build a strategy for growth.

We also provide startup and instrument purchase consultancy with useful insights and advice to enhance knowledge, save substantially, and ensure the right buy.

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Technology Scouting

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