Product Management

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Product Management Requirements, developing Marketing Communication, eVisual Aids, Brochures, Pack Inserts, Medical Images, & Infographics.

Pharma Product Management is a multi-disciplinary activity that involves market research, product understanding, marketing strategy, promotional plan, communication, design, training, strategy implementation, and sales analysis.

Pharmaceutical marketing is different from consumer marketing because the end-user is not the decision-maker and therefore the decision maker i.e. the Physician is a key customer and not the patient. Therefore in the pharmaceutical industry, the sales field force and their communication is the most important element in product promotion.

Since most of the new pharmaceutical products have technical/scientific features as their USPs, promotion to a Physician requires well crafted and scientifically correct communication. Product management team in a Pharma company is a link between the medical affairs department and sales teams and helps the team to understand the product concept and communication. Therefore Pharma Product Management in big pharmaceutical organizations is a highly organized activity and hires Product Managers, who are technically qualified and scientifically sound.

Elements of Pharma Product Management

Market Research
  • Company Status Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Territory Analysis
  • Sales Force Study
Marketing Strategy
  • USP Identification
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Sales Communication
  • Input Designing
Product Promotion
  • Sales Force Training
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Reporting Analysis
  • Field Survey & Analysis
Sales Analysis
  • Internal Sales Analysis
  • Sales Audit Report Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Corrective Actions